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Natalina's Kitchen 5 Star Rating

Rated 4.8/5 across 63 reviews

  • Natalina has a wealth of knowledge in Italian cuisine. Her wood fired pizza two ways "upped my game". Class was well organized and fun! Thank you!

    Vikki Dupuis Avatar
    Vikki Dupuis

    We had an absolutely lovely day with Natalina and the rest of the class. Simple recipes and delicious, authentic Italian home cooking. It was such a perfect way to spend our anniversary!

    renata chambers Avatar
    renata chambers

    Natalina is a real delight and she goes above and beyond to make sure her travelers are taken care of. The experience is one I will never forget. The food and wine, the destinations, the cooking classes were second... Read More

    Anne Marie Cummings Avatar
    Anne Marie Cummings
  • Natalina offers a wonderful, unique experience in a cooking school and I thoroughly enjoyed the full day, from shopping at the market to eating the delicious meal we prepared. Natalina knows how to make cooking interesting and fun and... Read More

    Betty Llewellyn Avatar
    Betty Llewellyn

    No better way to spend a Saturday Evening!

    My boyfriend and I attended Natalina's 'Taste of Calabria' class this past weekend. We enjoyed how Natalina tended to all levels of cook. I consider myself an intermediate cook while my boyfriend is...
    Read More

    Amy Hosking Avatar
    Amy Hosking

    Had the pleasure of attending my first class in Natalina's Kitchen last weekend. We made three different breads that were amazing! We stopped for a delicious lunch break and ended our day with bread sampling and espresso! ... Read More

    Dorothy Smith Avatar
    Dorothy Smith
  • The Online Course is easy to follow and has a tasty and diverse menu. I recently attended the bread making class and it was fun, informative, and the finished products were great! Highly recommend both learning methods for... Read More

    Alison Fraser Avatar
    Alison Fraser

    This was my first class with Natalina and the experience was excellent. She took the time to talk about why we should be doing more home cooking and making it a fun time. The instructions were clear and easy to... Read More

    Terry Griffin Avatar
    Terry Griffin

    I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed Natalina's Online Cooking courses. So user friendly. You have your ingredients list to prep for and the videos with excellent tips to follow along to, print out the recipe and... Read More

    Kathy Hulsman Avatar
    Kathy Hulsman
  • The online classes are easy to follow, and provide lots of detail and helpful tips! I like being able to complete courses at my own pace and go back to review recipes when I need to. Would highly recommend!

    Alison Fraser Avatar
    Alison Fraser

    My friends and I (10 of us) thoroughly enjoyed a Saturday evening cooking class and meal, Calabria style with Natalina at the helm.. We prepared and made our own crusty bread, pasta, meat sauce and delicious dessert. Everyone had... Read More

    Debbie Leone Avatar
    Debbie Leone

    Attended taste of Puglia with hubby and pals. Fun group. Hands on. Good conversation. Great way to learn and experience food of a region of Bella italia 👍

    T and G Clark Avatar
    T and G Clark
  • Taking the "Taste of Calabria" tour with host Natalina and guide Silvia proved to be one of my best travel decisions. With 13 other guests, we explored this part of southern Italy together, and by the end of the trip... Read More

    Valerie Anderson Avatar
    Valerie Anderson

    Fantastic Experience

    What a great trip to Calabria that far exceeded our already very high expectations. We were treated to an expertly planned introduction to the history, beauty and culinary delights of this lesser travelled region of Italy under the...
    Read More

    Bruce Chambers Avatar
    Bruce Chambers

    We went on the wonderful Taste of Calabria Tour, Natalina Bombino Campagnolo is a wonderful facilitator and planned an excellent, informative, and very tasty experience. She helped make our group a family as she introduced us to the... Read More

    Sharyn O'Leary Sweeney Avatar
    Sharyn O'Leary Sweeney
  • Our Taste of Calabria Trip
    My husband and I went on a culinary tour through the Calabria region of Italy with Natalina! We ate delicious foods (and helped cook them), enjoyed award winning wines (and visited the wineries that made them),...
    Read More

    Kathy Arentz Avatar
    Kathy Arentz

    I attended my first cooking class at Natalina's Kitchen and had a fantastic time! Cooking classes are kept small which allows for a lot of hands on learning. l felt at ease in the class with little to no previous... Read More

    Steve Cave Avatar
    Steve Cave

    Attended the pizza making class with my wife and it exceeded our expectations. Natalina was knowledgeable and very engaging. We learned a lot of great pizza making techniques and can't wait to start making our own. Would highly recommend taking... Read More

    Mike Wakeford Avatar
    Mike Wakeford
  • Thank you for a most enjoyable Saturday.... so looking forward to your Caneloni class... :)))))))

    Gee Gee Avatar
    Gee Gee

    Natalina's Taste of Puglia tour over-exceeded our expectations. We thought we weren't 'tour people' but the small group, attention to detail, VIP experience was spectacular. From cooking classes, to winery tours, exploring ancient cities, olive groves and ruins, the tour... Read More

    Trish Knox Avatar
    Trish Knox

    Just returned from A Taste of Puglia Tour with Natalina. What a wonderful experience! It was obvious that our hotels, cooking experiences, meals, wines and visits to local sites of interest were carefully selected and planned. A key strength... Read More

    Susan Mills-Zorzes Avatar
    Susan Mills-Zorzes
  • Best. Vacation. Ever. Trip to Puglia region of Italy with Natalina and small group....can’t say enough good things about it. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys wonderful travel made easy 🙂

    Janice Reiner Avatar
    Janice Reiner

    Best. Vacation. Ever. Trip to Puglia was amazing!

    Janice Reiner Avatar
    Janice Reiner

    Just returned from the tour of Puglia. If your not a tour person this is for you. A beautiful balance between walking tours, unique places, cooking and eating a variety of delicious foods. Definitely recommend it. I give it 5 stars

    Nancy Dique Avatar
    Nancy Dique
  • Awesome immersive experience full of fun people, and plenty of knowledge shared regarding the history of the ingredients and processes of the food you are making that day.

    Kevin Dougan Avatar
    Kevin Dougan

    Such a lovely day spent with my daughters Amy and Sarah along with my adopted son Julio. Coming from a family where the heart was the kitchen and the food prepared and ate there, this was truly the best Mother's... Read More

    Susan Neath Avatar
    Susan Neath

    Attended the Mother's Day cooking class. Such a lovely day spent with my daughters Amy and Sarah along with my adopted son Julio. Coming from a family where the heart was the kitchen and the food prepared and ate there,... Read More

    Susan Neath Avatar
    Susan Neath
  • If you want to learn to prepare authentic Italian food or you want to travel to Italy for amazing food and wine experiences don't hesitate to book with Natalina. We can't wait for our next trip - A Taste of... Read More

    Liz Harloff Avatar
    Liz Harloff

    If you want to learn to prepare authentic Italian food or you want to travel to Italy for amazing food and wine experiences don't hesitate to book with Natalina. We can't wait for our next trip - A Taste of... Read More

    Liz Harloff Avatar
    Liz Harloff

    I’ve been to a couple of Natalina’s classes and have absolutely loved them! She really knows what she’s doing, the classes are a tonne of fun, and you make the most delicious food. Whether it’s just for you; with your... Read More

    Tricia Kopec Avatar
    Tricia Kopec


The Italian love affair with the garden fresh tomato! (recipe)

The Italian love affair with the garden fresh tomato! (recipe)

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Italian inspired BBQ back ribs? Why not?! (recipe included)

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Natalina Bombino Campagnolo

Since September 2011, Natalina’s Kitchen has fulfilled the lifelong dream of founder Natalina Bombino Campagnolo to share the vibrant food culture of her southern Italian heritage.

A wife and mother of four, Natalina is also a trusted and credible source of Italian cooking tips, techniques and recipes.

Natalina spends the majority of her time in the kitchen developing recipes and cooking for her family. She embraces and encourages the elements of the “Italian Mamma” lifestyle – family, food, passion and love – successfully blending it with the 21st century approach of a hip, multi-tasking, female entrepreneur.

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