Okay let’s be honest— what really motivates people to cook? Why eating of course! A love of good, homemade food will naturally get you in the kitchen! So if you want to learn to cook, choose recipes that you absolutely love to practice on!  You will be rewarded with your results and you will naturally want to improve every time.

Choose dishes that you are familiar with so you know what a good result tastes like. Choose a dish that requires good quality ingredients (learn how to choose good quality ingredients here and DOP products here) and that are readily available in your area. So you have the dish, you can get the ingredients… now; find a recipe from a reliable source.

There are countless recipes available online, so it is important to make sure it is a credible source. For example, there are many Food Bloggers online: make sure they are food professionals that Blog and not professional writers that Blog about food! If you are interested in a recipe of a particular food culture, seek out recipes written by someone who has experience with that particular type of food.

Now head to the kitchen and let’s start cooking! Read over the recipe in its entirety first. Collect the ingredients and equipment required.  Chop and prep all the ingredients and have them ready… the French call this “mise en place”, the Italians might say “tutto in ordine”. With everything at your fingertips, you are ready to proceed.

Now follow the recipe step by step the first time. Learn from your mistakes and make notes along the way.Season carefully and taste and adjust seasoning as necessary (Learn how to season properly here). As you master the technique, switch up some of the minor ingredients to personalize to your liking (Be careful switching up when baking; only flavoring should be switched as baking is like science). Once you prepare the dish a few times you will eventually gain confidence and in no time you will have a version of the recipe you can call your own!

Our Online Italian Cooking School is designed to teach you basic cooking techniques while helping you master Italian Classics. At the end of the 5 + 1  bonus cooking sessions, you will be able to transfer what you have learned to other recipes. Learn to cook while learning the Italian Classics my Mother taught me! See you in the kitchen!

Ciao for now, Natalina

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