Frequently Asked Questions about our Online School

Who is this Course for?
This course is designed for Beginner and Intermediate cooks or persons just wishing to learn Classic Italian recipes.

Are the techniques just for Italian Cooking?
No, all the skills learned in this course can be applied to all types of cooking. The recipes are intended to demonstrate and teach the skills, but they are transferable to any recipes that require the same cooking techniques.  

What format does the Course take?
It is a combination of professionally produced, instructional videos along with downloadable PDF’s.  

Is the Course live?
No. It can be watched at any time, at your convenience, anywhere in the world. 

Can I download the entire course?
All the PDF’s are Downloadable and printable. The videos can not be downloaded but viewed unlimited times through the platform.  

Does the course expire?
No, as long as it is on the platform, it is available for registered students.

Can I give the Course as a gift?
Yes, Gift Certificates are available for single sessions and the entire Course. 

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