Your Personal Italian Cooking School

Your Personal Italian Cooking School

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“Natalina has crafted a step-by-step instructional Italian cooking course to make you cook like a native Italian.”

Ranked 4.5/5 on Digital Defynd’s 2022 list of 6 Best Italian Cooking Courses Online’ (alongside even MasterClass’s Massimo Bottura!)

Cooking is fun, creative and can up your entertaining game!

Find all my favourite traditional recipes and menus in this professionally produced Online Cooking School. Gnocchi, fresh pasta, braised beef, minestrone, desserts like panna cotta, tomato sauce, risotto, and chicken parmigiana plus so many more –30+ recipes in all.

Learn from the convenience of your own kitchen, on your own schedule with videos that you can start and stop as you wish! As an added bonus, Natalina has included ingredient lists and ingredient selection, equipment recommendations and timing schedule PDF’s.

I’ve run an Italian cooking school, published a cookbook and now take clients to Italy for food and wine tours. My online school is geared towards beginner and intermediate home cooks. With my help, you too can cook like an “Italian Mamma”!

“The online course is easy to follow and has a tasty and diverse menu. Highly recommend…”

Alison Fraser, Participant since 2019

“Learning different types of Italian recipes. I love it and thanks to Madam Natalina for sharing knowledge to us.”

Cheryl Domingo, Participant since 2021

“The online courses are easier to navigate than Zoom classes and I can go at my own pace…”

Marilyn Carter, Retired, Participant since 2020 

30+ Classic Italian recipes, 5 complete menus, 18 videos

Simple & Elegant

  • This menu can easily be adapted to Gluten Free with the simple substitution of GF flour in the Antipasto and Secondo. The Primo and Dolce are naturally GF.
  • Menu Includes:
  • Antipasto – Fried Wild Mushrooms with Vincotto or Balsamic Glaze
  • Primo – Squash Risotto / Asparagus Risotto / Mushroom Risotto
  • Secondo – Chicken or Veal Marsala with Sage & Mushrooms
  • Dolce – Amaretti Stuffed Peaches.
  • Skills Learned: Pan frying/risotto method/simple sauce

Family Favourites

  • Who doesn’t love pasta with meatballs? Learn Natalina’s southern Italian family recipe! Substitute dry pasta to save time and effort or omit the meatballs for a classic tomato, sausage sauce!
  • Menu Includes:
  • Antipasto- Basil pesto & goat’s cheese crostini; Basil Pesto
  • Primo – Fresh egg pasta, fettuccine
  • Secondo – Meatballs & sausage sauce
  • Dolce – Panna cotta with blueberry compote.
  • Skills Learned: kneading/fresh egg pasta rolling/poaching meatball in sauce

meatballs in sauce

Cozy & Casual

  • Classic minestrone and chicken parmigiana! Omit the pancetta in the soup, substitute eggplant parmigiana and you have a delicious, naturally meatless menu!
  • Menu Includes
  • Antipasto – Bruschetta
  • Primo – Milanese minestrone with rice
  • Secondo – Chicken Parmigiana / Eggplant parmigiana; Tomato, basil sauce
  • Contorno – Rapini with chillies & garlic
  • Dolce – Affogato.
  • Skills Learned: building a soup/dredging/pan frying/tomato sauce #1

Light & Delicious

  • This menu is great to serve a crowd, makes a wonderful contribution for a buffet and is naturally vegetarian. The pasta can be assembled ahead and baked just before serving. This light menu is great to serve a crowd or non-meat eaters.
  • Menu Includes:
  • Antipasto – Baby greens with balsamic soaked figs, goat’s cheese & pine nuts
  • Primo – Ricotta & spinach stuffed pasta shells, Tomato Basil Sauce
  • Secondo – Baked salmon with fennel
  • Dolce – Venetian rice pudding with Marsala-soaked figs.
  • Skills Learned: baking pasta/baking fish/tomato sauce #2

Italian Comfort

  • Learn all the secrets of light and fluffy gnocchi! Use the sauce from the beef to dress the gnocchi and serve it the traditional way with a first and second course… Or simply use your gnocchi as your “starch” with meat & vegetables to create a classic entrée.
  • Menu Includes:
  • Antipasto – Classic Caprese salad
  • Primo – Classic Potato gnocchi
  • Secondo – Italian Braised beef in red wine with wild mushrooms
  • Contorno – Roasted root vegetables
  • Dolce – Zabaglione with fruit.
  • Skills Learned: potato gnocchi/braising/roasting vegetables

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Unlimited access to the complete program, including pro videos

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Not sure if the online school is for you? Here is a FREE sample of one of the professionally produced videos included in the program. Take it for a test drive!


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for beginner and intermediate cooks wishing to learn classic Italian recipes.

Are the techniques just for Italian Cooking?

No, all the skills learned in this course can be applied to all types of cooking. They are transferable to any recipes that require the same cooking techniques.

What format does the course take?

It is a combination of professionally produced instructional videos along with downloadable PDFs.

Is the course live?

No. Therefore it can be watched at any time, at your convenience, anywhere in the world.

Can I download the entire course?

All the PDFs are downloadable and printable. The videos cannot be downloaded but viewed through the platform only.

Does the program expire?

The program contains written components and video components.

You can download everything but the videos.

With the 1 payment option you have unlimited access to the videos.

With the 12-month payment option you have access to the videos for 12 months only from the date of purchase.

Can I give the course as a gift?

Gift Certificates are available only for the 1-time payment option.

How is this course different than the REAL-TIME, remote classes?

This course has more information available through the downloadable PDFs, on-screen definitions of cooking terms and the professionally recorded and edited videos.

It is far easier to use than Zoom.

All in all, it is a better value for your money.

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