I am just winding down my school year….my busiest ever in the history of my school! Classes historically have run from September to May, but this year, I have added a few classes in June as well. My little school has been booked to capacity with all classes SOLD OUT! Thankyou to you, my loyal clients, social media followers and family & friends of my school.

When I first opened my school in September of 2011 I had intended to run a few classes a week to share my Italian Food Culture. I had been lucky to be a stay at home Mom for 12 years and my youngest had started school full time. I really was looking for a personal creative outlet. At 46 years of age, I had some catching up to do!

I would have never dreamed that almost 6 years later we would be offering 20+ different classes that are usually SOLD OUT with more clients requesting to be added to a waiting list! This past school year has also seen 2 SOLD OUT Niagara food & wine tours and 2 SOLD OUT International food & wine tours….and with 1 more added, it is almost a guaranteed departure! (still room to join us in Malta & Sicily, October 21- November 1, 2017)

My first cookbook, Natalina’s Kitchen, is headed to the graphic designer this week,  the publisher and printer in the weeks following. It is the recipes, tips and stories that started my cooking school. It will be available for purchase soon!

So what next? I would like to share my Italian Food Culture with a bigger audience. I say Italian Food Culture because it is not just about the recipes. You can get a recipe for anything online or on television. What you can’t get is a detailed tutorial on selecting ingredients or the little tips on how to feed your family and friends like an Italian.

What do I mean by that exactly? I can show up at my Mother’s house with any number of my 4 children,their significant others and my husband unexpectedly…. My Mom and I can still feed everyone better than most restaurants in town. So why is that? Food is like a religion to Italians, it is very important…our pantry, cantina, fridge and freezer are always stocked and ready. I can easily host anywhere from 25- 38 people for a holiday gathering.  With the menu and preparation planned in advance, along with strategic donations from guests, we can eat a 100% homemade meal, from appetizers to dessert. Italians just know how to pull this off because it is important to them….it is how we were raised.

Starting in the Fall of 2017 my highly successful,  Classic Italian I, 6 menu course will be available online. These are the classics…..fresh pasta, baked pasta, risotto, minestrone, meatballs, tomato sauce, chicken parmigiana etc. But I am not just demonstrating the recipes…. I will teach you how to choose ingredients, how to make dishes ahead, how to feed a crowd, essentially… how to cook like an Italian!

I will continue to offer speciality hands on classes in the cooking school such sausage,pasta, wood-fired pizza and our ever popular “Taste of the Mediterranean” series of classes. I will be phasing out private group classes and corporate events.

Starting June 1, my school will officially be called, Natalina’s Kitchen. This is simply the english translation of La Cucina di Natalina. It marks a transition for me to offer more of what my clients are asking for…to be in my kitchen, cooking alongside me, regardless of where they are!

Ciao for now, Natalina




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