Wood-fired Ovens & Accessories

We are the area’s “go to” for authentic, Italian, wood-fired ovens, oven accessories and everything you need to make authentic Italian Pizza. We are the only Fontana Forni Dealer in the area. 

Each oven purchase includes a FREE private, wood-fired pizza demo for 2 in our outside teaching kitchen or our Online Woodfired Cooking Course…PLUS a $200 delivery credit with every oven purchased!

Natalina has had a Fontana Forni Wood-fired oven in her school since 2016. With numerous SOLD OUT wood-fired pizza classes and waiting lists to get in, Natalina knows authentic Italian pizza!  Now, you too, can have any of the Fontana Forni Wood Fired Oven models in your backyard or commercial kitchen! 

Built in or stand-alone, the Fontana Forni ovens are the leading portable metal ovens, made 100% in Italy since 1978. They are the highest quality, most durable ovens on the market. 

Learn to make a traditional Napoletano pizza in our Wood-fired Cooking, Online Cooking Class

Single Chamber, Wood-fired Ovens & Stainless Stands

Fontana Forni Margherita Wood Oven

Fontana Forni Mangiafuoco Wood Oven

Fontana Forni Marinara Wood Oven

Fontana Forni Margherita Wood Oven with Cart

Fontana Forni Mangiafuoco Wood Oven with Cart

Marinara Wood Oven with Cart

Dual Chamber, Wood-fired Ovens & Kitchen Combo

Fontana Forni Gusto Dual Chamber Oven


Fontana Forni Rosso Dual Chamber Oven

Fontana Forni The Pizza E Cucina Double

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to decide which is best... building a masonry, brick oven or purchasing a Fontana Forni portable wood fired oven?

Most masonry, brick ovens take 2-3 hours to reach maximum temperature to cook pizza and they are permanent in your backyard. The Fontana Forni single chamber ovens can take as little as 30-40 minutes to heat to cook pizza and all the units are portable.

I am trying to decide between a single chamber wood fired oven and a dual chamber wood fired oven, which is best for me?

A single chamber oven is first a superior pizza oven and then you can adapt it to cook other things very easily. A dual chamber oven is basically an oven with 2 racks and a large pizza stone on the bottom. It is an oven first to cook anything and it makes a pretty good pizza too!

Is it hard to light a wood fired oven and get the oven hot enough to cook?

There is a learning curve to any new skill… lighting a wood-fired oven is no exception. Fontana Forni has been making Portable Metal ovens since 1978 and they have simplified the lighting and heating of the units. Most Fontana Forni ovens can be heated in just 30-40 minutes. They have many videos available to help you learn this skill.

Is it hard to cook in a wood fired oven?

As above, any new skill takes practice. Fontana Forni has many cooking videos with recipes and cooking techniques to help you. And remember with every oven purchased from Natalina’s Kitchen, you get a FREE wood-fired, pizza demo for 2 persons!

Do I need a permit from my Municipality to have a wood fired oven in my backyard?

Most municipalities allow a closed compartment fire for cooking such as a BBQ but if in doubt, check with your local building department.
We carry the complete line of Fontana Forni Products, ask about gas models, and commercial ovens at info@natalinaskitchen.com

Delivery can be arranged or delivery & set up in GTA, ask for a quote.

Accessories & Pizza Making Supplies

Fontana Forni Custom All Weather Oven Covers
From $199

Fontana Forni Saputo Pizza Stones for Single Chamber Fontana Ovens
From $529

Primo Molino Neapolitan Style Pizza Flour Product of Canada SOLD OUT
20kg bag $28

Premium Instant Yeast
1lb for $8.50 SOLD OUT

Fontana Forni G.I. Metal 5pc. Deluxe Tool Kit

Fontana Forni Forno Toscano Grill

Caputo “Blue 00” Pizza Flour Imported from Italy, SOLD OUT
25kg bag $56

Fontana Forni G.I. Metal 3pc. Economy Tool Kite

Furtado Farms Pizza Oven Mix Logs
20 kg for $54

Caputo Gluten Free Fiorglute Flour
1kg bag $12 SOLD OUT

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